Personal Wellness

1.  Coaching and counselling.

2.  Publications:

  • a chapter entitled What is the appropriate place of spirituality in restorative justice” published in Zehr, H, and B Toews (eds), Critical Issues in Restorative Justice, Criminal Justice Press, Monsey, NY, 2004
  • Several chapters in Beyond retribution: prospects for restorative justice in South Africa, Institute for Security Studies, 2005.
  • Co-author of “Charting progress, mapping the future: restorative justice in South Africa, Restorative Justice Centre, 2006 (with Ann Skelton).
  • Restorative Justice: A Contemporary South African Review. Acta Criminologica 21(3), 2008 (with Ann Skelton).
  • “Ngwana Phosa dira Ga Bolawe: The value of restorative justice to the reintegration of offenders” in SA Crime Quarterly N0 26, December 2008.
  • a chapter entitled Restorative Justice in Victimology In South Africa: Theory, Policy And Practice, edited by Linda Davis and Rika Snyman, van Schaik, Pretoria, 2005, revised edition edited by Robert Peacock 2013; 3rd edition 2019
  • W(h)ither restorative justice in South Africa? An updated status review 2019

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