I am passionate about promoting the common good and human dignity and how these issues relate to private and public ethics. Rooted in the tradition of Christian Social Teaching, I have strong cognitive abilities and am able to combine these with an empathetic engagement to bring out the best in others.

I am qualified in social work, probation work, community development and management.  I have 20 years experience in the public sector in the social work field, including general field work, probation, policy administration and first level management.

In 2001 I co-founded and have since directed the Restorative Justice Centre (RJC), a vibrant and multi-cultural civil society organisation. With the RJC I played a pioneering role in bringing restorative justice into the criminal justice system and public discourse, and in developing associated services. I was recognised as an Ashoka Fellow for this work.

In 2013 I completed an MPhil in applied ethics – conducting research on the resources available for moral education in crime prevention and reintegration of offenders.

In 2019 I completed training with the The Ethics Institute to become a Certified Ethics Officer.

I work as an ethics practitioner and social worker in private practice, offering consulting, coaching, mediation, counselling, training, and research services.

My particular areas of interest are ethics and governance (including character development in the workplace and in schools);  Conflict transformation, restorative justice and crime prevention (particularly in the workplace and in schools); Personal leadership and wellness rooted in understanding personal purpose. In exploring these issues, I am equally adept at one-on-one coaching and counselling, and workshops for larger groups.

Registrations, memberships and associations:

  • Registered as a social worker with the SA Council for Social Service Professions.
  • Registered as a private practitioner with the Board of Health Care Funders.
  • Accredited with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development as court annexed mediator.
  • Certified Ethics Officer (The Ethics Institute)
  • St Augustine College Johannesburg (research affiliate).
  • The Centre for Contextual Ministry, University of Pretoria (research associate).
  • Member: SA Association of Social Workers in Private Practice (SAASWIPP).
  • Member: SA Association of Mediators (SAAM).
  • Restorative Justice Centre (part-time executive director).
  • James Social and Ethical Consultancy (associate).